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I am an independant artist releasing self produced and recorded music that is evocative, heart centered, and unique. My subject matter is my life, heart, hopes and dreams, sung in English and Hebrew. I am deeply inspired and influenced by Kabbalistic Fairy Tales, Jewish spiritual journeys through the afterlife, poets like Dylan Thomas and Fernando Pessoa, natural patterns such as those of water and clouds, and the movement and courage of an open heart. Albums have been inspired by the need for sleep, prayers such as the "Shema", which is like a revolving door between the worlds, psalms in the original Hebrew, and much about my search for love: authenitic self acceptance and the desire to connect with others. Working as a chaplain puts me at the doorway between worlds so to speak, and my music is informed by this placement. I am uplifted and awed by the power of music to heal, change moods, affect memory, connect people, bring joy, and connect us with something greater than ourselves. Subscribers will get everything I put out during the time of a one year subscription, including special tracks that only you will be able to purchase. I have a lot coming out this year, so its a good time to subscribe and benefit from an inspired creative time. Thank you all so much for your support!

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Tziona Achishena
Tziona Achishena creates music that flows through her heart, layering voices, piano, flutes, cellos, harmonium, frame drums, in hopes of getting the sound and feel she seeks. She creates music intuitively, by ear. Tziona sings her original lyrics, as well as biblical passages, and occasionally, channels dead poets. She periodically reinvents herself, primarily through improvisation.

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