My Heart Is A Womb: Acoustic Cosmic Love Songs

by Tziona Achishena

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It keeps beating, bouncing back, feeling. My heart is a mini creation, a vacated space when I make room for something/someone else, where new worlds can be born. Though I am finite, my heart is a gateway to the Infinite. My heart never gives up, reaching, hoping, breaking, exploding, limping, rising, flying on and on. Sprouting wings of longing, the heart of the world flies to the Spring, where time is born. We can love, even though we are temporary. Our hearts meet in beyond time.

Sometimes a light shines so bright in a in the darkest sky. If no one sees it, its it any less real? But I saw this light, a flash, a glimpse of what is possible.

I am a witness to the light, no less beautiful because it is temporal. When the eternal shines within the physical, beauty is born, to be cherished and held in our hearts longing. The human soul is God's candle.

We are supposed to remember daily that we were once slaves in Egypt. I do. I am the escaped one, rescued by my own soul, with all the wonder, mystery, and fear of sudden freedom. From the ashes of what was lost, I seek what my heart has always desired: true love, free expression, authentic living emotions, joyous intimacy.

I am the nebula. A bright light, or a reflected shadow. A semi- homeless cosmic event, seeking a haven. Making a haven.

This album is playing, in the truest sense: playing with composing other people's poems, playing with improvising whole songs as I go, playing songs that I have long loved that are not my own. Recording with my kids in the room when I just feel like something's got to get out. Letting it be noisy and laughing. Letting the songs stand on their own, letting go of the complex instrumentation of recent works, paring down to the heart and bones. Playing with fantasy, with a country twang, with a Hawaiian style song about sadness that makes me dance every time. I hope you find this album of departure as fun and unusual as I did. And hoping that maybe happiness is a choice; to decide to focus on what's there; to seek fulfillment with what I am, even as I long towards the infinite, which dwells within me. This music is part of a process...of passionate reawakening from a living sleep, reborn to life....


released November 8, 2015

Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Cello, Flute, and Vocals: Tziona Achishena
Harmony voice on "Sometimes I Don't Know How I Feel": Talia Zak
Into the Mystic by Van Morrison
Will the Circle Be Unbroken? by Ada R. Habershon with music by Charles H. Gabriel.
Fly My Beloved, Nebula, Forty Black Ravens: lyrics by Wings of an Angel
Vacated Space Sound Resonance designed by Wings of An Angel.
Wings, thank you for the encouragement and help. You may be a real angel.
Dad: thanks for the Ukulele!!!!

Cover Art by Tziona Achishena

all other songs and music by Tziona Achishena, rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Tziona Achishena

Tziona Achishena creates music that flows through her heart, layering voices, piano, flutes, cellos, harmonium, frame drums, in hopes of getting the sound and feel she seeks. She creates music intuitively, by ear. Tziona sings her original lyrics, as well as biblical passages, and occasionally, channels dead poets. She periodically reinvents herself, primarily through improvisation. ... more

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Track Name: I Am The Escaped One
I am the escaped one
after I was born they locked me up inside me
but I left, my soul seeks me through hills and valleys
I hope my soul never finds me
Track Name: Fly My Beloved
Fly fly fly my beloved sadness
and fearlessly soar high, high, high
towards unknown reaches of the vast skies!
fly fly fly my beloved sadness
and as a cherubic chant
or a choirs quiet lament
your beauty will forever be present!
fly fly fly my beloved sadness
and may it be that for my tortured soul
you will always be as good as a cup of morning tea
fly fly fly my beloved sadness.....
Track Name: Nebula
I shouted and shouted
to no avail
towards and from and within and beyond this darkness I am in
and its growing larger and larger
with every passing moment
cause in this cosmic catastropy there had been no survivors
not even my precious little nebula
not even her so what am I, a galactic wreak to do?
Track Name: Don't Call it Love
you said you were broken by what you seen in the war
that you been so long fightin you can't put down your sword
you said your heart has gone sleeping behind a cage of bone
you said that no one can reach it so you're always alone

so don't call it love if it makes you feel judged
you told me that you can't love
it's hard to feel my touch
but by the good Lord above you make me feel loved
for me that's enough, just to feel loved

you said that you cannot love me
you're not willing to try
but with you I thrive, in your arms I'm alive
and I see forever when I look in your eyes
I swim in the vast open world of your eyes

no one else in this world makes me laugh like you do
but every step I take towards you, you move away from me two
and you get all my jokes and everything that I say
and you make me feel precious in your own unique way

I'll just have to pretend I don't love you
you said you don't like to play
I send my song through the walls of your haven
turn my face to heaven and pray
though you told me not to

If you knew I was writing this down in a song
you'd run 43 steps backwards like I done something wrong
so I won't let you hear it, I'll just keep it inside
I just say that I like you and the rest I will hide....
Track Name: Haven
Dream dreamer dream me a dream show me a world that ive never seen dream dreamer dream me a dream, good morning and where have I been?
Sing singer sing me a song tell me my waiting will not last for long sing singer sing me a song and tell me that it wont be long
Build builder build me a home, a warm dry and safe place where to put down my songs build builder build me, a haven a shelter a nest and a home
Bless blesser bless me with love, in his eyes I'll remember the blessed One. Bless blesser, bless me with love, within, below and above.
Love lover love me a love, of heart mind and soul and body and song, love lover, love me a love sometimes close and sometimes alone.
Walk traveler, you don't need no shoes on this journey home we take nothing we used walk traveler, free on your way, well meet at the end of the day
Come children, open your ears I'm here to return to while you face your fears go children go and explore then come back and I'll see you once more